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Guidance Policy

It’s our goal to have happy children…happy teachers…happy parents!
Story Book House administrators and teachers are trained in child development. We believe that helping young children learn self-control is very important and necessary. Our hope is that each child will learn self discipline through our careful guidance.
Your child will always be treated with love and respect. We know that when children are treated respectfully they in turn will treat others respectfully. Our expectations will be kept within the child’s capabilities and developmental level.

When a Child Misbehaves
Young children will misbehave. We stress positive reinforcement, commenting on children doing the “right” thing/ We engage in a positive redirection, removing the child and/or giving them another appropriate activity or toy.
It is sometimes necessary to use a “time out” or “cooling off” period to give the child a chance to regain control if they are having a hard time. Time outs are given in appropriate time frames according to age and within the classroom.
Children are never humiliated, frightened, or denied food as a consequence of behavior.
Story Book House teachers never spank or use any physical punishment. We ask that parents refrain from spanking their children in our center. This could be confusing to other children who do not always recognize another child’s parent. It is confusing to children to see that there are expectations to the rules at school!

  Happy Children. Happy Teachers. Happy Parents.        
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